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I'm a Swift and Web Standards developer creating great consumer apps and tools. More about me.
The app for the low-budget type! Control your spending by setting up allowances. Record and monitor your daily expenses by category. Make a plan for your budget and follow along by checking out the summaries and stats on the dashboard.
MIDI Gestures
Connect your music keyboard to your iPhone or iPad and apply live effects through multi-touch. Configure familiar gestures like pinching and swiping. Use them to control audio and MIDI parameters such as sustain, pitch bend, tuning, stereo panning, gain and patch switching.
Working Examples
Expand your Swift and SwiftUI knowledge by browsing through dozens of live interactive examples. Each demo comes with its corresponding source code and related tech articles explaining all the implementation details.
Checkout "Swift You and I" a publication about SwiftUI and other Apple-related frameworks.
Open Source
A library of visual UI components designed to complement the SwiftUI framework. Available via package manager, SwiftUILib provides support for all Apple platforms on recent OS versions.
A truly lightweight framework for developing true native applications using a familiar React/JSX syntax. Get started in seconds with full support for SwiftPM and Xcode previews.
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