MIDI Gestures (iOS app)

It’s here! The perfect companion app for accomplished and aspiring musicians who want to expand their MIDI keyboard/controller with an iPhone or iPad. Check out the product page or download it right from the app store :musical_keyboard: :iphone: :notes:

Hash Control (JavaScript library)

Hash Control leads the way to clean, elegant single-page application routing

By treating the browser’s address bar as a first-class UI component, this library clears the noise between app state and the URL in a typical flux architecture.

Clone the repo, fork it or send over a pull request, all of which will be greatly appreciated! :inbox_tray: :raised_hands:

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Neverbroke (iOS app)

Neverbroke is the budgeting tool for the economically thoughtful and it’s just out for iPhone and iPad!

Save some :money_with_wings: give it a try! Neverbroke is now available for free at the App Store.

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Coding Outside the Box

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