Diego Lavalle Apps and open source
I'm a Swift + Javascript developer from Canada and Argentina, currently hacking away out of Lisbon, Portugal.
There's quite a few things in life that I'm passionate about. A lot of them have to do with technology in general as well as software engineering in particular. The rest are more about arts including the art of being human.
Web technologies have been my strongest suit for many years through which I gained proficiency in foundational Internet Standards such as CSS, JavaScript, DOM and Web APIs. I also became familiar with prominent back-end and front-end frameworks like Node.js, React and React Native.

For about half a decade now I have been enjoying building apps for Apple Platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac) using Objective-C and Swift at first and lately SwiftUI. Some of the apps made it out onto the App Store while the bulk of my work has been done on behalf of private clients.
Open-Source has played a huge role not only in my professional but in my personal life. It has taught me how to think constructively and collaborate efficiently. From my possition I thrive to give back to the community as much as I can while continuing to be part of this great movement.
To know more about me check out my social media profiles. Or get in touch using the information below.
dev (at) diego lavalle (dotcom)